I have always been in love and deeply connected with the medicine of the earth- spirit animals, plant spirits and the metaphysical properties of gemstones. I am deeply moved by the gems I work with. I've found over time, vending jewelry at shows all over the country, that it seems almost everyone is drawn, no matter how skeptical they may be, to these properties. I think there is just a knowing inside us all of how connected we are to the earth. It's been fascinating to hear women discuss and ask me which stones they need. The advice I have given them, and I give to you now, is simply to go with what you are drawn to.  There is no need to flip through the stone meanings to find what you think you need for the problem you think you have.  What I find, time after time, is that when women choose what they are drawn to, then read about the stone, they are flabbergasted at how spot on the meaning is for their situation and selves. Our souls know what we need. Wear the stones you gravitate toward.  Read their meanings and always feel free to reach out for further details.  Then wear your jewelry with joy and let the stones do their bidding.  They are truly wearable talismen. Enjoy.




Known as the stone of hope, amazonite will remind you of the silver lining. Said to enhance intellect and creativity, it is a stone of truth, honor, communication, and trust. It is strongly associated with the throat chakra and the third eye chakra, which helps it align physical and astral bodies. It can help battle self-demoralizing behaviors by enhancing clarity and self-esteem.


By forging a clear connection between the physical and metaphysical world, Amethyst is a powerful all-purpose stone. Excellent for lucid dreaming and meditation, Amethyst can enhance spirituality and increase psychic powers and intuition. It is a psychic stone of sobriety and can be used to open the wearer’s channels to telepathy, clairvoyance, and past life regression.


Think courage and inner peace. Aquamarine possesses the metaphysical properties of fortitude and courage which creates power in the wearer. It can be used to dispel fear and anger when worn. Ancient lore is full of narratives with aquamarine protecting sailors and travelers. So accessorize with aquamarine and buy that plane ticket.

Moss Aquamarine

Like the exhilaration and tranquility of crystal colored waters, aquamarine evokes soothing, cleansing, and enhance one’s ability to let go. This stone has a philanthropic pulse, inspiring regeneration and compassionate energy. It promotes moderation and responsibility for one’s action, while simultaneously pointing us to the community with the ideal of service. Old lore says aquamarine was a treasure of mermaids. Who knew mermaids were such do-gooders?


When you think citrine, think personal power. Bringing abundance and success, this crystal has been nicknamed the merchant’s stone. Especially helpful in the working world, the bright energies of this stone illuminate your business endeavors with light. The plus—citrine energies promote generosity, which means your success and power is shared with others.


Coming in many colors, Chalcedony has the ability to enhance multiple facets of life. Used to lessen hostility, it is often called “the stone of brotherhood.” Its energies increase loving kindness and general goodwill, helping to aid depression and improve one’s overall frame of mind. Wear chalcedony and bring on the brotherly love.


Chrysophase is all about the balance. Not only does it increase courage, hope, and self-expression, it gives you the ability to employ them wisely. It has the power to equalize yin/yang energies, aiding in meditation. Also a powerful healing stone, it can heal failing eyesight, fertility issues, and relieve fevers.


Emerald may have you thinking Wizard of Oz, but it should have you thinking desire and manifestation. Whatever your desires are—be it for love, prosperity, or abundance, Emerald will help your desires manifest themselves in various forms in your life. Emerald is a searching stone that aids intuition, meditation, and awareness as well. The tin man got the heart didn’t he?


Bringing purpose, order, and clarity, fluorite enhances psychic and spiritual wholeness. And with the ability to protect against chaotic vibrations, fluorite grounds the wearer’s energies. It can also be used to remove astral attachments, reducing or eliminating negative energy.

Green Garnet

Like Emerald, Green Garnet is a manifestation stone. You might be surprised what the universe manifests for you, but you can count on it boosting your confidence and fostering stability during challenging life circumstances. In addition, it will have you wanting to go non-profit because it enhances it’s wearers will to serve and cooperate with others. Related to the heart and the solar plexus chakras to wrap it all up, Green Garnet is a philanthropic force to be reckoned with.

Red Garnet

Bringing order, vitality and regeneration, Garnet is a stone of energizing. With the ability to boost the energy of an entire system, it stabilizes the internal as well as the external. It also has protective powers, protecting the wearer from evil. Emotionally, it is known to increase hope, faith honesty, and commitment. These metaphysical properties can heal anything from self-deprecating thoughts and behaviors to abandonment issues. Overall it gives the wearer the courage and strength to be an overcomer.


Iolite is also called the Viking stone, but unlike the Vikings, this stone enhances relationships as opposed to pillaging them. With the ability to boost and expand psychic talents, it is one of the best stones to use in spiritual activities and healing. It is also a strong shaman stone, capable of stimulating clear visions and creativity.


Every day is that much dreamier with Kyanite. It is a stone of dream recall, channeling, and altered states. Sometimes called the “tripping stone,” it promotes vivid dreaming and visualizations. It can remove energy blockages and diminish anger and confusion. Whether you need to be reminded how to dream big or harness the creative energies you already have, Kyanite will help you feel dreamy.


Containing energies of self-confidence, Labradorite gives its wearer that esteem boost we all need every once in a while. Also purported to forge clarity and insight into your destiny, Labradorite will have you seeing your dreams. It’s ability to enhance intuition, wisdom, and mental illumination aid clarity and vision as well.


Take your moonshot. Moonstone has protective energies, especially during childbirth. It enhances intuition, psychic abilities, sensitivity, and feminine energies. Bringing strong energies of abundance, it is said to release stress and foster tranquility in difficult situations. Also associated with every type of love, moonstone will enhance your lovey side.

Blue Opal

Blue Opal is a healing stone with the ability to relieve stress from the impact of strenuous life circumstances. Also helpful in aiding the process of reconciling old wounds, it assists emotional and physical balance. Blue opal carries an overall energy of peace and hope, helping the wearer walk boldly into their future.


Peridot is a stone of compassion. It has a bright and friendly energy which makes it excellent for healing. It has the ability to strengthen relationships, especially marriage, lessening the stressors that cause anger and jealousy. Also said to cloak its wearer in a shield of protection, Peridot is a girl’s real best friend.


Aiding you in expressing you mind, emotions, and will, Prasiolite is an exhibitionist’s best friend. Its name has Greek origins, meaning “leek stone” for its leek-green color. Prasiolite is also a prosperity stone, attracting wealth and abundance. In addition, it can enhance one’s ability to prophesy.


A paradoxical stone also known as fool’s gold, pyrite makes it’s wear anything but foolish. With energies that enhance logic, analysis, and mental stability, it can help you tap into your full intellectual potential. Also carrying energies of fortune and good luck, the sixty-niners might not have been so unlucky to strike this stone.


Quartz is a power stone that packs a punch. It’s ability to channel universal energies gives it the ability to enhance balance, meditation, protection, and healing. It’s the most common stone on the planet with the uncommon ability to absorb, amplify, and transmit energy. Tap into the universe.

Beer Quartz

Quartz enhances clarity, power and energy. With the ability to amplify subtle energies, it is very beneficial for healing, meditation, and channeling. Also a stone of harmony and balancing energies, it is great and enhancing the quality of romantic relationships. Beer quartz specifically is great for psychic protection and against negative energy and black magic.

Blue Hydroquartz

Getting organized and staying disciplined can be a stressful endeavor. Excellent for the student or the self-made woman, blue hydroquartz enhances discipline and even organizational abilities. The best part is that in addition to that, it covers these virtues with a peaceful energy so that staying on top of your game is process that leads to relaxation, not a drag that leads to procrastination.

Champagne Quartz

Like Quartz, it is a protective stone, surrounding the wearer in a barrier of energy. But the champagne aura dissolves negative energy and emotional blockage—just like it’s bubbly namesake. And all the while it tends to refine the wearers energy vibrations during meditation.

Cherry Quartz

The thing about cherry quartz is that it’s kind of a poser. It’s not quartz at all. It’s a glass. But luckily it’s still a hallmark of powerful metaphysical properties. Glass promotes focus and communication, carrying energies of rebirth and transformation. It’s very diverse, bringing the energy of whatever color glass it is.

Rose Quartz

Key word. Love. Be it familial, romantic, or even self-love, rose quartz opens the floodgates for unconditional love. A vibrant energy stone, it is capable of strengthening, attracting, and even creating love. It can even raise self-esteem, reminding you of your worth. All you need is love, right?

Smoky Quartz

With a grounding energy, smoky quartz works to remove negativity. It’s a protective stone that brings physical and psychic fortification, transforming negative energy into positive energy. This makes it a powerful mood lifter and can even help combat depression. If that weren’t enough, it also enhances survival instincts so you can get your Bear Grylls on.

Solar Quartz

Solar Quartz has all the properties of Quartz. It is a protective stone and enhances energies. Solar Quartz specifically channels emotional strength which powers a natural mood enhancer. It protective energies combined with its psychic ones make it a powerful stone for purifying on spiritual, mental, and physical levels. It is associated with the crown chakra, but can work on all chakras as well.


Keywords: love and balance. Self-love included, this crystal gives a boost to self-esteem and confidence. It’s ability to ground the wearer creates a reality check that keeps energy balanced and positive. Because of this, it’s also beneficial in coping in stressful situations. In the psychic realm it is used to ease conflicts caused from past lives and bring them to reconciliation.


Feeling creative? Sapphire gets it. Enhancing creative energies, intuition and expression, Sapphire is a hopeful stone and a creative’s best friend. It’s a royal stone and a stone of wisdom. With the power to stimulate the throat and third eye chakras, it allows the wearer to access deeper levels of consciousness, which amps up self-awareness to the max.

Pink Sapphire

Sapphire comes in several colors. Each color brings its own unique energies to the crystal. Like all sapphire, pink sapphire enhances mental clarity. It lessens confusion by revealing hopeful paths. The ability to view a situation with clarity offers relief from negativity and depression. Pink sapphire specifically brings the wisdom of confidence in one’s self. It enhances resilience, stimulates forgiveness, and augments the ability to let go.


Amping up the energy in all realms, spinel attracts wealth and abundance. It can also help fortify you in any endeavor, especially those pertaining to the Root Chakra. Commonly mistaken for rubies or sapphires, Spinels have a very unique energy and couldn’t be more different. Spinel is used for channeling, astral travel, and aura cleansing. It can be used in the metal realm to boost intellectual prowess and decrease forgetfulness. Forget me not, Spinel.


Known as the Poet’s Stone, Tourmaline enhances happiness, flexibility, compassion, and serenity. Commonly associated with the heart chakra, it has the power to aid the wearer in giving and accepting love. With the ability to stimulate courage and strength, it will make your love all the bolder.


A powerful crystal for reliving stress, it has the ability to bring tranquility to stressful situations. Powerful for grounding and protection as well, the wearer will feel down to earth. And speaking of the earth, Turquoise likes to go green. That is, it’s said to protect against pollution in the environment.

Blue Zircon

Revitalizing energies of joy and enthusiasm, Zircon aids the wearer in everything from staying productive at work to enjoying leisure time. It can bring solace after deflating experiences or help transmit your positive energy to others. It is also a physically healing stone, aiding bone and muscle disorders and relieving insomnia and allergies.



According to metaphysical traditions brass extricates natural good and inner truth. With the ability to boost the immune system and enhance courage, it gives the wearer physical and mental endurance. The repletion of wearing brass will cause them to project you own personal energy signature.

Sterling Silver

“The father of medicine”, Hippocrates, wrote that silver has healing capabilities and anti-disease properties.  Excellent for fostering patience and perseverance, it will keep you calm and balanced. It’s reflective power also has the capability of attracting and retaining the properties emitted by stones and crystals.  
In ancient lore, Egyptians ingested gold as a means of bodily and spiritual purification. Ancients believed gold had the ability to stimulate the wearer’s life force and raising vibration level in al realms. It also has the emotional power to ease feelings of inadequacy, anger, and tension. When combined with crystals, it enhances their assertive energies.