New Stuff


I created and designed an all-new collection just for 2020. I went deep. These designs are a total deviation of where Niyol has been and I am so excited to present them to you. 

In an attempt to optimize my time better and make more space for creativity, I hired a small, family-owned casting house in NYC to take over the process of casting for me-       freeing me up to design more, work on the website and photos and even start to have a day off here and there. Unfortunately, all of the new designs were set to ship to me for me to finish them off and photograph each for the website when COVID-19 hit. New York is in a true state of despair and my heart genuinely goes out to any and all affected by this pandemic. With that said, I'll get all the new stuff when I get it. Safety is far more important and I just believe things happen when they are meant to. 

Thank you for your patience all of you lovely beings who see how much there is in person and how much is missing from the website. I am trying my best to change that in 2020.   Soon!

With gratitude always to all of my customers- I cannot thank you enough,